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Welcome to the Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama

Join conservative leaders from across the country for a special 3-hour RadioThon Thursday, May 19th. This special program will be hosted by nationally acclaimed radio host, Melanie Morgan, conservative activist, Lloyd Marcus, and Tea Party Express Chairman, Amy Kremer. Click here for more info, to RSVP, and to invite your friends.

Help us tell Washington: Don’t Raise the debt Ceiling! See our ad here.

With skyrocketing debt being left to future generations, unprecedented power grabs and an economy perpetually dragged down by so-called stimulus plans, there’s no denying that Washington is out of control. Americans are already fighting back through the Tea Party movement and an election that rocked Congress, but now it’s time to take on the one man at the center of it all: Barack Obama.

We’re dedicated to doing the hard work to ensure his defeat at the ballot box at 2012. There will be many other races, and there will be many candidates for President, but our sole focus is making sure we win the one fight that matters most.  With Obama’s administration already assuming broad new powers through regulation rather than going through Congress, he’s on a path to deny the will of the people even more and be more destructive than ever. We simply can’t afford another 4 years. That’s why we hope you’ll sign our petition today and join our fight to Defeat Barack Obama!