Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

The attacks on me for being a proud pro-troop American are coming at a furious pace now, as we get closer to showing the moonbat crowd exactly what everyday Americans think of our proud men and women in uniform, their service in Iraq and their mission. The blogs are buzzing about this YouTube hit job against me.

The truth, which is something the Left-wing crazies are exceptionally talented at ignoring is that I was asked by Joe Garofoli of the San Francisco Chronicle a simple question.

Should Bill Keller of the New York Times face treason charges which results in the death penalty for leaking secrets about the successful program to track terrorists using bank accounts overseas?

My answer. "If Bill Keller were to be tried for treason and convicted, yes, I would have no problem with him facing the ultimate penalty. Death. Because we are talking about leaking classified secrets in a time of war." 

 62 percent of the American public agrees with that point-of-view after a Gallup poll sampled the question last year.

Ron Winter, who spent a considerable amount of time in 'Nam, gave me his take on the guy in the YouTube attack on Move America Forward, of which I am Chairman.

"I have never met a Marine who was proud of his service and strong on his opinions who wouldn't use his full name. This guy should have, and also should have given a better explanation of his service - remember what I said previously about "combat veteran" and "decorated?" Didn't hear any of those words. He also was clearly reading from a script.
This guy is either a poser, an embellisher, paid for his time, or looney, looney, looney.
AND, the poll at the bottom only had 9 responses. Of course they can doctor that as you well know but I think it makes the point."