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On paper, Mitt Romney comes across as a credible candidate for the GOP. He's personable, handsome, sufficiently conservative, and he's NOT Barack Obama.

But however hard I try, I just don't dig the dude. Romney care in Massaschusetts is certainly a huge part of my disinterest... it was the early version of Obamacare  Also, his unnerving habit of looking across the room to see who is more important to talk to than you - yuk, I hate that in a person.

I am not alone shunning Romney. Even the folks at the Wall Street Journal have done a devastating take-down on his potential candidacy.

"...It's no secret that one of Mitt Romney's biggest vulnerabilities is the fact that he invented RomneyCare in Massachusetts, thus paving the way for the detested Obamacare. What is surprising is that the WSJ -- which you'd think might overlook that in Romney's case, given their general common ideologies -- would pulverize him on the subject. That's exactly what they've done tonight, on the eve of his big healthcare speech, basically branding him has un-credible and self-serving. They say RomneyCare has been a mess, but that really, up until recently he was bragging about its success..."