Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

There is one thing far less reliable than predicting future weather patterns.  Trying to predict human behavior.  Especially private behavior, the kind that takes place in a voting booth. 

Yet, more and more these days, we -- the American electorate -- are told by politicos and pollsters and pundit-crats which candidates have a chance -- or no chance at all -- of being elected.  These utterly unreliable political forecasts are not simply presumptuous (One man/woman's personal opinion does not speak for some mystical American authority), they are as un-American as one could get this side of European Aristocracy. 

The American Revolution itself was fought and won to avoid this very type of ruling-class decision making.  Influence gained by television or celebrity status is no more representative of meritocracy than union protectionism.  And we the people have every right to resist this concerted effort to pick and choose our candidates, irrespective of whether they are "loved" by D.C. insiders and media stars.

So, I'm sick and tired of being told by the same people who have given media imprimaturs to the current folks in political power (not a success story, if you ask me) just who and who is not worthy of my one vote!

I'll vote for whomever I please and be darned proud of my independence and individuality, my all-American liberty.

Today, I've highlighted some of the reasons why I might just vote for Herman Cain, the very successful American businessman, who seems to understand the economy better than the entire U.S. Treasury Department.  Americans today are fighting the silent beast of inflation -- especially in our food and fuel costs -- the beast that our government still insists is nonexistent.  And Herman Cain's voice is the most appealing to me at the moment, when it comes to the economy.

Do these people think we're stupid?

In a word, yes.