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The blogosphere is roiling at any given moment these days over the Birther controversy, Obama's Commie Mommy, trillions of dollars of debt incurred by this administration and the horrifying consequences of his cluelessness on National Security. But yet - deep worries persist over whether he will be elected to another term.

If gasoline prices are an indicator of Mr. Obama's chances for another term, he is in deep deep kimchee.

My prediction: if gas prices are over hovering around $5.00 a gallon three months out from election day - Obama can kiss Air Force One good-bye.

NewsBusters, by Tom Blumer    Original Article
"...The establishment press's lack of interest in associating President Obama with the sharp run-up in energy costs has been thoroughly documented by several folks at the Media Research Center, including but not limited to Julia Seymour when gasoline hit the $3 mark, and more recently Brent Bozell. Saturday, the Associated Press's Mark S. Smith took the gas-price propaganda to the next level. As anyone would predict, he failed to assign any blame for the energy cost run-up to specific Obama administration policies such as the Gulf drilling moratorium and other barriers to production..."