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The fired up controversy over Obama's birth certificate has certainly become much more entertaining than in years past, now that La Donald is involved. Trump, the billionaire mogul with Presidential aspirations, is kicking sand in the face of Hawaii's Governor Neil Ambercrombie.

Pick up the popcorn, and pull up your beach chair. Folks, this is fun!

"...There is evidence to refute the claim that President Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii, and therefore is not eligible to be president of the United States, but "birthers" persist with their claims that Obama is in office illegally. Donald Trump is the latest to question the president's birthplace. Abercrombie said Trump is questioning Mr. Obama's birth place because Trump has a political agenda. Abercrombie questioned Trump's credibility and said Trump has ruined lives by spending investors' money on failed real estate ventures. "It is really difficult to accept inquiries from a serial bankrupt like Donald Trump," Abercrombie said."