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It’s not just that weird birther thing. Matt Latimer examines why The Donald, in his unlikely bid for the GOP presidential nomination, touches a chord with the electorate.

My first clue that Donald Trump was serious about this president business was when he fired Dionne Warwick. No one escapes accountability in Trump’s America, not even a 70-year-old music icon who casually informed actress Marlee Matlin that deaf people are “sad.” As one reviewer of this season’s Celebrity Apprentice put it, “Who would have thought Dionne Warwick would be the ignorant bigot on this show?” But I digress.

Donald Trump, the reality-TV star, wants the country to know he is a serious candidate for the GOP nomination. And his dramatic rise in the polls over well-known establishment retreads like Mitt Romney (who ranked fourth!) has given him a credibility that no one, except Trump, probably expected. In Washington there is no funnier sight than bewildered political consultants trying to make sense of something they didn’t foresee. And of course not one of them, even for a moment, is considering the possibility that Trump’s rise (like Sarah Palin’s and Ron Paul’s) is really a reaction against them.

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"..Americans long for a straight-talking businessman who can save the country from the political class that fouled everything up."

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