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Katie Couric, MSM liberal go-to gal gone. And she can't seem to accept any responsibility for the ratings bomb during her tenure. Andrea Peyser at the NY Post sums things up nicely.

Clue Phone for Katie Couric! 

"...Losing. Listen closely to a familiar alibi emanating from the $15-million-a-year lips of Katie Couric, the celebrated news anchor, unapologetic liberal, and epic failure whose five-year tenure helming "CBS Evening News" resulted in the broadcast being mired in the basement -- competing for eyeballs with "Extreme Couponing." "It's not my fault!" With her perky "Today" show cred and unfortunate wardrobe, Katie was brought in with great fanfare to shake up the evening news. Instead, viewers bailed from her side like rats from the Titanic. Now, as Katie waltzes toward a fat, syndicated TV talk-show deal, possibly opposite former "Today" show colleague Matt Lauer.."

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