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I don’t know when American Airlines started dabbling in Black Separatism, and I have to admit when we first looked at this ad here at iOTW we thought it might be a parody. A little bit of research reveals what appears to be an officially sanctioned American Airlines site called that caters to those who…um…want to travel without the boot of “the man” on their neck…or something, I’m not really sure.

I watched a little video with the sites host, Nelson George, which consisted of him going to Alaska to basically look for black people and point them out in cars or on the streets of Fairbanks. Sort of a Travelogue With Beautiful Scenery For The Racially Obsessed. But I kept thinking about the American Airlines headline, “Are there black folks there?” It’s stated very casually, assuming all the readers are nodding in agreement. What happened to the left’s prime directive of diversity? Let me get this straight, you want to travel to different places, but you don’t want to see different people when you get there.

Look, I’ve got a wide Libertarian streak so if the woman in the ad wants to know that there aren’t too many crackers at her destination, I’m not gonna tell her what to think. And even though I don’t think her airline ought to help assure her that there aren’t too many crackers there, I’m not advocating for heavy handed legislation to stop it.

I’m just observing that if I called American Airlines and said, “I’m thinking of flying in to Detroit, but before I pay for a ticket I want to make damn sure there are some “white folks there”, I’m guessing that would be the end of the conversation.

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