Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

She's baaaack!

That's right, I had a fabulous beachy vacation and an even better homecoming to the good ole USA.

May I say, though, that the TSA agents on the other side of the border are just plain loco? I won't share details, but my friend Mr. Buzzy had a wild ride at the Cabo San Lucas airport. And it wasn't pretty. Enough said.

So anyway ....I found this super piece from the lovely and talented Kyle-Anne Shiver. If you don't read her regularly, you should. She's FABULOUS!!!

"..What is the matter with people nowadays? Normally quite intelligent conservatives seem to be going feely-feely on us all of a sudden. Here we are, still nearly two years out from November 2012, and already there is talk of despair. Despair over what, pray tell?

The man-child president, who steadfastly prefers hoops, links, and brewski to governing, has failed to mature even a smidgen and is up to his skinny neck in failed liberal dream schemes, lawsuits with more than half the states, and a Mideast pressure cooker set to blow wide open at every stateside gas pump. Carter déjà vu? Not even close. This is turning out to be the presidency which will launch conservative statesmanship into a hundred-year reign.