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UPDATE: Charlie Sheen is NOT winning. Charlie Sheen has just completed the total annihilation of his career.

Way to go, Warlock.

I'll admit it - I am totally riveted by the death spiral of Charlie Sheen. I can't look away as he loses his mind, his soul, his body and his children on national television.

Does this make me a bad person?

I can offer a half dozen explanations for reading his Tweets, watching last night's rant on (bad stagecraft, dude!) Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight and all the newspapers covering this train wreck.

But the simple fact of the matter is that I am SO grateful it isn't me.

As a recovering addict (compulsive gambling) I consider myself blessed by God above for living through a nightmare not unlike Sheen's (except for the part about going crazy on national television, losing a 50 million dollar paycheck and watching CPS take my children away.)

 I watch and pray for Charlie and his family, and shake my head at the intensity of his bi-polar rants, hoping that he will get a Godshot before it is too late.

I pray for Martin and Janet Sheen and Charlie's siblings. I hope that their pain will ease but I know that it won't. Meanwhile, all five of Charlie's children need our support and prayers too.

What. a. frickin. mess.

Branded a winner: Sheen also displayed his new 'winning' tattoo

Branded a winner: Sheen also displayed his new 'winning' tattoo

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