Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Greetings All,


On March 26th we will all gather at Godspeed, 5532 San Pablo, Oakland, where we will celebrate "Vets return to Berkeley".  This all day annual event is all encompassing - whether your ride a motorcycle or drive a cage, doesn't matter - the only requirement is that you love the United States of America.  There are multiple purposes to the Rally.  We will be raising money to help send a teacher to Vietnam.  We are honoring the US Military for protecting the world's children.  We are putting the message out that "all these various groups, clubs and patriots can put aside their competitiveness and club policies, and unite at any time, to confront anti American's whether they be individuals, groups, or, city council members that are more interested in advancing their individual efforts for higher office, than they are in taking care of the electorate that voted for them -  they don't take care of their own cities."


We are expecting a few hundred participants to be attending, starting at 10:00 - get there early.  We will be hearing from Gold Star Families - those that have lost a son or a daughter on the field of battle.  We will have Blue Star Families - they have sons and daughters serving in harms way and they can tell you about them and what its like to live worrying about their loved ones.  Both of these groups have to listen to some of the hate speech and diatribe presented by their fellow citizens - who don't have a clue or even care about our true American Heros.


We will also be trying to raise money to send a teacher to Vietnam - something the kids there need badly - and WE are doing it, not the anti-American groups that could care less about anything but their own agenda - to undermine the efforts of our American Heros.  We are putting our money where are mouths are. 


Most importantly - we need you and everyone that's available to show up and show American pride.  If at all possible, bring your flags - USA, POW/MIA, and, service flags.  If you belong to a club or a group, bring your flag or a sign so you can show who you represent and who actually cares.


This event is sponsored by Eagles Up ( <>  ), a 501 (c) 3 non profit corporation.  Cash donations should be mailed to "Eagles Up, PO Box 360046, Milpitas, Ca 95036 - with a note specifying "Vets Return to Berkeley".


There are reasons to believe we will have good media coverage as we are inviting Gold and Blue Star Families, along with a couple of media personalities.  Names will be released WHEN we get a commitment.  We will ask the Gold Star  Families and the Blue Star Families to be on board from at least 11:00 until 2:00 - longer if they'd like, roaming amongst us and sharing their stories.


If you know anyone with a patriotic paint job, have them contact me as we would like to have those vehicles on display.  


Please share this email and announcement with everyone you know, independent riders, clubs, motorcycle clubs, riding clubs, car clubs, organizations, everyone you can think of - make this a huge event.  And send a loud message.





10:00 - Welcome, check in, and socialize.

11:00 - band starts

12:00 - Guest Speakers

1:00 to 4:00 - BBQ

5:00 - formal end - band stops



Some Gave All, Some Still are, NEVER forget!


Doug Lyvere

SgtMaj, Marine, ret



Chairman, Eagles Up

<> Road Guard, Run For The Wall, SR <> Patriot Guard Rider Rolling Thunder