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Fox News thinks so....I think it was a) most annoying and b) pathetic. Actors should never be show hosts unless your name is Billy Crystal or Bob Hope. Ann Hathaway was just ridiculous. Her main function on the show was to wear sparkly dresses and 'do's plus holler a lot.

Damned irritating.

  • Oscar Flash Poll: Was this the most boring Oscars ever?


    The 83rd Annual Academy Awards started out strong enough. Anne Hathaway and James Franco were funny, the stars seemed excited to be there, and Celine Dion had not sung us to sleep yet.

    And then, something happened: it became painfully boring.

    Sure, Melissa Leo dropped an F-bomb, James Franco dressed in drag....

    But then there were about 5 million tributes.

    And then, before we knew it (that's a lie, we counted every second), it was two-and-a-half hours into the show and nearly none of the major awards had been presented.

    Overall, even our very own Dr. Oscar was bored. And that's not a good sign.

    But hey, maybe we're just jaded. Maybe it was the most exciting moment of television any of you can remember.

    Ha, we doubt it.

    But cast your vote below.

    Was this the worst Oscars ever?