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Sac Non-Profit Sends Superbowl Cheer to Troops

The national non-profit Move America Forward is used to filling boxes for troops at its Sacramento headquarters.

Your typical care package has everything from hygiene items like deoderant and chapstick, to treats like jelly bellies and beef jerky-- but now a group from Madison, Wisconsin will get a little extra flavor from home.

Like Super Bowl towels and penants.

"We had a little competition to see how much money the Steelers fans could raise vs the Packers fans," said Danny Gonzalez with Move America Forward.

Donations from the Packer fans doubled donations from Steeler fans-- so to celebrtae both wins...."What we're doing now is sending these care packages to troops in Afghanistan from Madison, Wisconsin," said Gonzalez.

The 400 boxes will ship out Friday-- since the group started in 2006 -- nearly 190 tons of packages have reached troops.

"This mixes it up, reminds people of something they enjoy, watching the super bowl," said Gonzalez.

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