Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Tea Party Leaders in letter to Wisconsin Gov. Walker: Stand Strong!



Is Obama preparing for martial law?  For insurrection?  For a “crisis”? Would a Canadian soldier hesitate to fire on an American citizen if ordered to do so?  Are they getting ready?


Don’t you love it?  A child has to present his city of birth and last four digits of his Social Security number in order to submit a doodle drawing to a Google-sponsored contest.

But if your name is Barack Hussein Obama, and you want to president?  No birth certificate or city of birth or Social Security number (of which it is said he has several) needed. - Google.  Doing no evil.  Sorta.


You know those firefighters unions and police unions marching with the Wisconsin teachers?  How long until there’s some sign you need to have in your yard supporting unions, and if you don’t have that sign, the fire department lets your house burn down? Solidarity.


And now, time for some humor.


From Jack Cashill, author.


Friends, I need your help. 

One week ago my book "Deconstructing Obama" hit the bookstores.   We had an excellent first week—hovering in Amazon's Top 100—but we can continue this progress only if you urge your friends to read the book and to pressure the media to review it. 


Right now, the respectable conservative media are afraid to look, and the mainstream media are hoping they stay afraid.  The following article (below) explains the dynamics.  Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated!