Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

 Afghan (dirtbag) president's (dirtbag) brother under investigation by U.S feds. Refresh my memory:

Our troops are taking bullets for these dirtbags WHY? again?


Suez Oil is cut off, Iranian warships on the move, who stands with Israel? and Btw, why are the national media covering this?


Steve Jobs seen leaving Palo Alto cancer clinic.....we wish the Apple Chief well.

Wind power betrayals: Not American, Not Green, and Not Working 


Issa Committee issues first subpoenas to the "usual suspects"


Welcome to new contributing writer, Eileen Hart!  Here are two of her articles:

Jews for Obama--WHY?


Saeb Erekat: Shilling for the Muslim Brotherhood next?


CBS reporter Lara Logan raped, beaten by Egyptian mob yelling Jew Jew

The way the national media are covering Egypt and this case ......shameful.


Top ten reasons why businesses leave it sucks even more than I thought!


The Crazy Language of Hate Speech trials...there can only be FREE speech.  Look

at how ridiculous it gets when the government tries to be politically correct.


Jane Jamison Right Idea

 Contributing writers: Dell Hill and Abraxas