Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

I've been fascinated by George Soros since he single-handedly began the "Bush-Hitler" meme, and used his 200+ worldwide media publications to slander not only our president, but also our country.  I've read everything Soros has ever written (the task ought to get me a citizens medal of something) and have immersed myself in his biography for the past 4 years.  Soros is 80 years old now, but he is still using his every breath to (in his words) "burst the bubble of American supremacy."  He is a naturalized American citizen, but dreams of a one-world oligarchy with "wise" people like himself in charge.  Currently, he is working mightily to have the dollar replaced as the world's default currency and is backing "velvet revolutions" in the Middle East and here at home.

Soros is a megalomaniac with a $7 billion wallet, whose stated goal in life was first to destroy George W. Bush and is now, in his words, "to become the conscience of the world."  Soros' conscience is guided by the delusion that there is no such thing as objective truth (and therefore no such thing as a lie), that he never has to "accept the rules imposed by others," and that American hegemony, both economic and political is a hindrance to world peace and prosperity.  He favors a new twist on old world colonialism, which colonizes rich countries (through global taxation and foreign aid programs) to benefit the third world (the former victims of European colonialism). Soros sees himself as the maker of a brand new world without the hindrance of state sovereignty and nation-state borders, someone who will right all the wrongs of past generations.  He is the living, breathing definition of megalomaniac and only those without a speck of wisdom themselves would ever trust a word this man says.

At any rate, Soros continues to be a most interesting player in world economics and politics.  As long as his influence is so gladly accepted by America's own Democratic Party, all good citizens should know everything they can about the man who pulls the strings behind the curtain.  I consider Soros' slander of Bush as a Nazi to be one of the great, true ironies of the century.  Soros actually is a self-admitted Nazi collaborator.  As even the village idiot knows that Bush was not even born when the real George Soros was actually collaborating.  Yet Soros labeled Bush the Nazi.

Very, very interesting.