Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror


The troops really need your encouragement and love. They are in the fight for freedom every day and see the defiance of the enemy every day they are in Iraq or Afghanistan.  We have the opportunity to make a huge difference in the morale and ultimately the outcome of the War on Terror.

As the Middle East becomes increasingly dangerous and complicated by recent uprisings in Egypt and Jordan, we must bolster the resolve of our troops who have willingly put themselves in harms way on our behalf. They stand in the gap, defending our nation and free people everywhere from the threat of tyranny and acts of terrorism. They carry a heavy load, and anytime we send them any encouragement it makes all the difference.


On Monday a terrorist IED bomb exploded in Kandahar. One person was reportedly killed and two others wounded. The fight is not letting up, and many wonder if the momentum could shift if we don't re-assert our commitment to rout out the Taliban as the weather begins to warm, and conditions begin to improve for renewed fighting.

U.S. soldiers walk towards the scene of an explosion in Kandahar, south of Kabul, Afghanistan on Monday, Feb. 7, 2011. A bomb exploded in southern Afghanistan's largest city of Kandahar on Monday, killing at least one person and wounding two, Afghan officials said. It followed the killing of a local government leader near the country's volatile eastern border region earlier in the day.

Meanwhile in Iraq, another deadly bomb goes off, this time with cameras rolling:

A suicide bomber posing as a dairy deliveryman struck a Kurdish security headquarters Wednesday, setting off
a series of rapid-fire attacks against the oil-rich Iraqi city of Kirkuk that killed seven and wounded up to 80 people.


The top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan warned that combat will likely escalate during the spring thaw as Taliban insurgents try to return to areas cleared by the international forces during the past several months.

"There's been considerable progress in taking away from the Taliban safe havens," Gen. David Petraeus said in an interview with NATO TV aired on Wednesday.

"They have to fight back, they're losing momentum that's quite clear," he said. "They [the Taliban] know they need to regain that momentum."


Valentine's Day Factoid: Did you know?

The origins of Valentine’s day actually reach back centuries, to roman times, and initially began as a day to honor early Christian martyr’s who were crucified by the Roman’s for their belief in Christ and rejection of Roman paganism. This was long before Valentine’s Day had any romantic connotation, but one legend does exist which may serve to explain how the ideas of romanticism and love became attached to Valentine’s Day.

As the legend goes, Emperor Claudius II of Rome, who wanted to strengthen his army and thought that single men fought better than married men, issued a decree banning marriages for all men young enough to serve in the Emperors army. St. Valentine, a priest, defiantly continued to marry Christian couples in secret ceremonies and according to legend, was put to death for violating Emperor Claudius II.

CAN'T SEND PACKAGES? We Also Need Names!

We all know someone who has a son or daughter enlisted in the military. If you'd like to send some love to them, and just don't have the ability to sponsor a care package yourself, we still need your help. We need more names of troops to ship packages to; we have over 600 care packages ready to go out by Valentine's Day.

What to do:

Visit our Soldier Registration Page for further information.