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Arianna Huffington aka "Gimme the spotlight NOW" got out of a hot mess with some bucks, though not so much as many media watchers think, and she's got complete editorial control of the Huffington Post in this 315 million dollar sale to America Online (sweetie, I know thatyou have never heard of AOL, but it's an obscure portal that used to be very important when dinosaurs roamed the earth.)

As many posters have blogged - this a good thing.

It outs AOL as the liberal site it has always been.

But it's a rotten deal financially for AOL and I'm not the only one who thinks so.

"..Listen to Nick Denton, who runs Gawker, which now becomes the biggest independent Web-based news outlet. “I’m disappointed in the Huffington Post. I thought Arianna Huffington and Kenny Lerer were reinventing news, rather than simply flipping to a flailing conglomerate,” he told me.

Denton insists he has no intention of ever selling Gawker, and he seems not-so-secretly pleased to see his opponents cashing out: “AOL has gathered so many of our rivals— Huffington Post, Engadget, Techcrunch—in one place. Nick Denton asked the question: Is this a fearsome Internet conglomerate or simply a roach motel for once lively websites?”