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One of the worst things about liberals is their wholly dishonest lunge at the intellects of conservatives.  Breaking through that propaganda, i.e, "liberals are smart; conservatives are dumb," can sometimes be just downright exasperating.

In no sphere has this propaganda been more infuriating than in the prime-time cable news duel between Bill O'Reilly and Keith Olbermann.  Every liberal I know actually thinks O'Reilly is a stupid hack Fox News pulled from under a dunce cap somewhere in flyover country, while far-left potty-mouth, Keith Olbermann, is a veritable genius.

Nothing could be further from the truth and I've laid it all bare in my "Don't Cry for Olbermann" column in today's Pajamas Media.  While O'Reilly has masters degrees from both Boston University and JFK's school of government at Harvard, Olbermann was nothing but a lightweight ex-sportscaster, who never even set foot on an athletic field, much less in a high-brow classroom.  The dueling duo was never any contest, so it's no wonder MSNBC finally had it with Olbie's demands for more and more money -- especially with ratings going further into the gutter with every passing season.

Read this column and arm yourself for the next time you're made to feel part of the "dumb" side of the political divide:

Liberals are smart?  Oh, please.  Only the dimmest bulbs in the basement could watch the crumbling socialist democracies in Western Europe and continue to believe in that Marxist snake oil.