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While praying for the recovery of the Safeway victims all last week, we also documented the media’s attempts to defame the tea party by tying the actions of Jared Loughner to the conservative movement — all of this done while lecturing America on civility and rhetoric:

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The result? Death threats against Sarah Palin are at an all-time high, I myself have received threats as has Andrew Breitbart (who made the first call for civility last Saturday), Big Journalismcontributor Liberty Chick, talk radio host Jon Justice, and more hardworking conservatives and tea party activists than I can expediently include, including many who do not wish for their circumstances to be known as they are fearful for their families. Yesterday during a taping for a national broadcast, Tucson Tea Party organizer Trent Humphries had his life threatened on camera by Eric Fuller, a victim of the Safeway shootings.

Despite zero evidence to connect Loughner to any conservative, despite the President’s words that discourse “did not cause this tragedy. It did not,” none of the insinuations, suggestions, or coverage presented above from certain media and leftist blogs has been corrected, retracted, or remedied by way of apology.


The very thing that the media and far-left bloggers insisted was the cause of the Safeway tragedy is actually becoming the cause of another tragedy: the persecution of, and threats against, conservative Americans. Apparently, certain media outlets and Soros-funded sites are OK with violence and rhetoric – so long as it’s against conservatives. They’ve spent an entire week participating in the smear of, and hunt for, conservatives. Now Fuller issues a death threat against a tea party leader and screams obscenities at others as he’s taken into custody. Related?

Where did Fuller get the idea that Lougher was (again, false) connected to the tea party?

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Though this happened Saturday (1/15) morning, there still was no mention on either Daily Kos or Media Matters of the Fuller/Humphries incident by Saturday night, but they were quick to write previously that Eric Fuller blamed Palin, the tea party, and other conservatives for the tragedy. They’ve also not yet retracted their claims that Loughner’s actions were related to rhetoric or their insinuations that it was related to the tea party.

I no longer believe that every leftist simply has a different means of achieving a successful route for America as I did formerly. Some are no more than puppets for a force larger than themselves, and their goal isn’t to better the country, it’s to convince themselves that they’ve won an argument by any means necessary, even lying to themselves and others to accomplish the goal. They value the argument more than the individual. That’s the state of politics today. They’re willing to put their fellow Americans in harm’s way for no greater purpose than vengeful politics. They will peddle falsehoods to spin a story and gag themselves from publishing a word when stories which disrupt their narrative occur – or plot on how to blame it on their political opponents.

It’s not journalism, it’s not honorable, and it’s the remaining stain on an otherwise bright and robust blogosphere. While they and members of their party lament not having a tragedy to exploit for political purposes, I pray that their witch hunt of private citizens and false headlines doesn’t actually cause one – by way of a new act of violence against a tea partier, or another lone wolf man man allowed to skate by because everyone is quibbling over semantics.