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After the major media declared President Obama "resurrected" from his stunning defeats in the last election cycle, I wondered if that wasn't, ahem, a bit premature. Okay, out-and-out stupid is what I was really thinking.

Obama has won nothing politically.

His polls prove it.

After 'progress,' Obama rating stays
President Obama has averaged a 46 percent approval rating since November. AP Photo Close

The spate of legislative accomplishments in the lame-duck session celebrated by the White House appears to have had little effect on President Obama’s approval rating, according to Gallup’s latest tracking poll.

Between Dec. 26 and 28 – soon after Obama arrived in Hawaii for his Christmas vacation – Obama’s approval rating was 47 percent, two points lower than his rating from the previous week, Gallup reports. He has averaged a 46 percent rating since November. 

Before leaving for Hawaii, Obama called an end-of-the-year press conference to recall some of Congress’s final moves, like repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell,” ratifying the START pact with Russia and passing his tax-cut plan with Republicans. He labeled the activity “a season of progress for the American people.” 

The poll’s results were based on interviews with 1,531 adults.