Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Keith Olbermann, the go-to guy for the left-wing netroots, slammed me twice this week on his show for being the 'Worst Person in the World" first on Wednesday and then on Friday.

Twice in the same week--A Badge of Honor that I will wear proudly in my Marin County, California neighborhood.

To see how truly disturbed and desperate for ratings KO really is --hop over to

If Keith Olbermann wants to be taken seriously (although I doubt that premise) he needs to get his butt off the anchor chair at MSNBC and on a plane to Iraq. Let him say the same horrendous things he intones in his stentorian delivery straight to the faces of the troops. Now THAT would be entertainment.

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After Olbermann's diatribe, this is a representative sampling I've recieved from his viewers.

"You are a worthless c---.  Your family is embarrased over you and want you to kill yourself.. Please make them happy."
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I know it's difficult for liberals to understand the concept 'literal' versus 'metaphorical' in a written column. And Olbermann deliberately overlooks the fact that his guy Soltz was the REAL bully, intimidator and thug to a young American soldier who merely pointed out the burgeoning success of the surge in Iraq (the horror!)

And then there's this one at Talking Points  What I love about Talking Points Memo is they cite Glenn Greenwald's post about the worldview of the right about the dangers of Islamic jihadists. While it is a tad overstated, I think the jist of what Greenwald gets at, and that Talking Points Memo cites, is dead-on right. It's not that we believe jihadists will be landing Jihadist Marines on the beaches of South Carolina or Oregon… but we really do believe they will continue to use political intimidation backed by acts of violence to weaken the resolve of those who oppose their efforts to spread their beliefs as part of their Islamic caliphate. I think that when you listen to what they say, and when you witness the incredibly high number of violent acts of terrorism they've waged - I mean folks, we're talking THOUSANDS of such attacks - I then don't understand why our bretheren on the Left see our worldview as that irrational.
Look at our friends in the UK - there is a real change going on there and the normally liberal British media have done a number of stories about the rise of radical Islam within Britain and the relative inability of the government to contain it. But then again, those same British journalists then say how awful it is trying to wipe out the origins of radical Islam in the Middle East. I think that Philadelphia Inquirer columnist was right -- we probably do need another 9/11 sooner rather than later because people would much prefer to ignore the problem and hope it goes away, which is exactly what the jihadists need to grow their network… undisturbed and unchallenged.

Don't misunderstand me. I wake up at nights sweating out the real possibility that the Islamists will hit us again, and hard. I don't wish for that. What I really want is for the American public to understand that we believe the jihadists are working as hard as they possibly can to raze American icons in order to terrorize us into submission.

You can see Keith Olbermann's video of Melanie as
 "Worst Person in the World":

 DailyKos Week in Review Features Melanie - 3 times:

Here's the report from OUR side --the fantastic Mark Finkelstein at

Morgan Not Afraid of Wolf

Photo of Mark Finkelstein.
By Mark Finkelstein | August 17, 2007 - 19:33 ET

Melanie Morgan might not have a profile as high as some other pundits on the right, but she is emerging, in my book, as one of conservatism's most fearless and articulate advocates.

Last month, I noted an epic dust-up on "Hardball" between talk radio host Morgan and feminist Naomi Wolf. On today's show, the two again clashed. Last time around, I suggested that Wolf might be America's most passive-aggressive woman. Today, she showed herself to be one of its most alarmist. The topic was the controversy over the extent to which Alberto Gonzales [at the time Pres. Bush's White House counsel] pressured a then-hospitalized Attorney General John Ashcroft into approving the extension of the anti-terror wiretap program.

View video here.

Morgan was unapologetic.

MELANIE MORGAN: Anbody that doesn't get what a truly dangerous world we live in should just take a look at this wireless wiretapping program. It was a valuable program and it still is. And if there was pressure applied by Gonzales, then good! . . . We needed that program and I'm really glad that if there was pressure applied, it kept it in place, because otherwise, Americans could die.


Wolf's response was a case study in breathless, alarmist, deconstruction-speak.

NAOMI WOLF: What's scary to me about listening to Melanie and various people at the White House is how Orwell [bonus points for Orwellian allusion] describes people who want to close down an open society don't just lie, they make lies the ground of the discourse. There's this extraordinary fudging [demerit for use of everyday word; consider "circumvention" next time] of reality, not just to change the record, but to disorient us [seems to have worked on Naomi].


WOLF: I think that we have to get it [and as we all know, Republicans just don't] that what they're up to isn't just abuses of democratic process, it's about an end-run around democratic process. Why is it so scary what they're going to get away with? Gonzales isn't going anywhere. And we keep saying, "oh my goodness! How can this be? How can this be? How can he still be there? It's an outrage." Because we still think they're playing democracy's game, by democracy's game rules.


Melanie called Wolf on what might be considered her paranoia.

MORGAN: What kind of Orwellian discussion are you having? What is it you're referring to, Naomi? What is it exactly that happened that all these big, bad people at the Bush White House did that was wrong about the wireless wiretapping program?

WOLF: I think that what is really scary is that if you go back and look at what was suggested in those emails that they're [the White House] not producing, one of the things possibly suggested is that there would be a mass purge of the attorneys, the U.S. attorneys, and we really need to think forward, what kind of scandal, what kind of terror, that would be for the United States, in the event of a close election, if there had indeed been a general purge of the attorneys. And so I think we need to get it [that favorite lefty phrase, again] that they're not playing by the rules that we've come to believe for over 200 years that you have to play by in the United States. We have to get it [enough already!] that it's a different ballgame [come on, use "paradigm" next time], and act accordingly. It's a crisis.

MORGAN: The people who were fired were political appointees. There was no law broken, so all of this is a stupid little "gotcha" game that you Democrats are playing in order to keep Washington tied up in little knots. Well congratulations: you've been very successful at that. But you know what? We are in the middle of a war in which we are facing very serious consequences, long-term consequences, if we don't win it. So I suggest you get your mind focused around something important for a change.


Bravo, Melanie. Too many conservatives are intimidated by people like Wolf and their high-flown rhetoric. Wolf looks at the world and is scared by "crisis," "outrage," "purges" and "terror." The irony is that she sees them all as the work of our own government. Morgan tells it like it is: the terror emanates, very simply, from terrorists who seek to kill as many of us as possible and destroy our civilization.