Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

START Treaty will come up for a vote Sunday.  Melt the phone lines, folks.  Do you really trust Barack Obama

to negotiate our nuclear and missile defense?  Really?


How's that global warming going?  Coldest winter in Britain in 100 years...planes grounded, trains stopped, fuel shortages...and on and on


GAO report on schools: Pedophile teachers are in the schools and protected by the system.  Teachers' union tool Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.)  is "shocked, shocked" that this is happening...


FCC internet power grab vote is much for "transparency."  The FCC has shut down its website this weekend so that you can't access what they will vote on, who is on the commission or leave a message.  The phone number for Monday is on this post.  MELT the phone lines Monday or frankly, I may be in the gulag by Wednesday.


Gates of Vienna are toppled by a song.....Muslim call to prayer=good   Austrian yodeling=illegal


The royals and the British public DO NOT want the Obamas to attend Prince William's wedding


New report on prime TV and Hollywood over-sexualizing young attention to what they are watching, folks.