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Christ Matthews has a giant-size egohead...I know from personal experience. And now, ladies and gentlemen of the conservative stripe ...feel free to engage in laughter.

Chris Matthews Insists 'Hardball Is Absolutely Nonpartisan'

Patrick Gavin at Politico captured revelations from a Thursday interview Chris Matthews granted at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in DC. On his show: "Obviously, I think I'm the best. But each one of the other people think they're the best, too....I think I'm the best, generally....There's no doubt about it, in fact, but other people have different views....'Hardball' is absolutely nonpartisan."

How then, does Matthews explain his Thrill Up My Leg reputation? Is he a journalist? He says yes: "Absolutely. I have to deal with facts every night. I have to cover the news every night." Does he really believe people watching his show buy that he's running a fact-based nonpartisan seminar?

Ted Turner's Craziest Scheme Yet: Cap and Trade...With Children

Media mogul Ted Turner, who founded cable networks CNN and TBS, wants a global child-bearing "cap and trade" system to combat climate change. He has thought up a bizarre take on China's one-child policy: set a strict one-child limit, and let poor people sell credits for children they don't have!

At the ongoing climate change summit in Cancun, Mexico, Turner told attendees:

"...environmental stress on the Earth requires radical solutions, suggesting countries should follow China’s lead in instituting a one-child policy to reduce global population over time. He added that fertility rights could be sold so that poor people could profit from their decision not to reproduce."

Barbara Walters Slams 'Uninformed' Sarah Palin: Many Find the Idea of You as President 'Scary'

Barbara Walters dismissed Sarah Palin as "uninformed" on Thursday, telling the former Republican governor, "...Many people find the thought of you as president a little scary."

The View co-host appeared on Good Morning America to promote her upcoming 10 Most Fascinating People special. She derided Palin, "You hear, 'Oh, she's very charming, but she's uninformed.'"