Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

When you call out a left-wing, radical anti-war activist who is still in the Army --watch out. His friends will wish a violent death upon you.

That's exactly what happened when the blogosphere caught up with my column last week from World Net Daily, and then Keith Olbermann of MSNBC named me Worst Person in the World.

My response? Pound Sand! 

WND Exclusive Commentary
The defeatists' double standard

Posted: August 17, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern

Last week, I wrote of the hypocrisy and irresponsibility of Army reservist Jon Soltz, co-founder of the defeatist organization A few weeks ago, Soltz attacked the integrity of a fine, patriotic member of the military, U.S. Army Sgt. David Aguina, because he dared to attend a panel sponsored by the moonbat organization DailyKos and ask for evidence that "the surge" has made Iraqi violence worse. Soltz unleashed a vitriolic diatribe against Aguina, accusing him of improperly participating in political activities while wearing the uniform.

Only one problem: Soltz participates in overtly political activities while wearing his uniform.

I pointed this out last week. While Soltz berated Aguina for his completely legal, non-partisan act of asking an intelligent question, Soltz IS actually violating the spirit of Army rules and regulation.

Crackpot organizations such as Media Matters for America have since attacked me and accused me of "making up" Army rules. As usual, Media Matters provides more bark than fact.

(Column continues below)

A press release issued before the 2004 election by the military reminded service members of how they can and cannot participate in political activities. Here is the pertinent passage: "They're not permitted to make public political speeches, serve in any official capacity in partisan groups, or participate in partisan political campaigns or conventions."

Soltz seems to have forgotten this, at least when it is convenient for him. His organization, Vote Vets, is clearly political and partisan. Its website lists seven candidates whom the organization supports. All are members of the Democrat Party.

In addition, Vote Vets, which Soltz chairs, operates a political action committee, funneling money to those who wish to undermine America's security by accepting defeat in the war against the radical Muslim jihadists Soltz claims to have fought. If chairing a political action committee isn't participating in partisan political campaigns and conventions, then what is?

As a final insult, Soltz also posted a photo of himself in uniform on this clearly partisan political website.

On the other hand, Sgt. Aguina does not chair a political action committee. He does not publicly support a slate of candidates all of one party. He merely attended an event to gain information about the war on terror and express his personal questions about "the surge," an act completely legal under Army rules.

And yet Soltz bullied him as if Aguina were "the enemy." (It's clear that Soltz suffers from Post Traumatic Partisan Syndrome, first recognized in John Kerry when he rattled off a rat's nest of lies against soldiers still fighting in Vietnam).

The truth is Jon Soltz and his liberal allies, including Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards, are on a campaign to attack and threaten any military member who dares disagree or even question their views. If members of the military dare speak up in the defense of their mission, they will be shouted down and attacked as violating military rules. Such activities, they hope, will help silence the majority of service members who do support the war on terror and understand the consequences of defeat. Instead, the American public will only hear those few who oppose the mission and support – as Obama so eloquently endorsed – bombing our friends and appeasing our enemies.

Jon Soltz is still a hypocritical cockroach. He needs to be stomped on and neutralized before he and his ilk can silence military support for the mission in Iraq.


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