Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Serving America's fallen is an honor and a privilege that many hundreds of thousands of ordinary Americans undertake every day...whether through donating a care package for our troops or helping to build a Fisher House in different cities.

I am leaving for Washington D.C. tomorrow where I will be joining with members of the Fisher House corporation to christen a new home away from home for our military families who wish to remain near their son or daughter, brother or sister, mother or father, as they recuperate from serious injuries sustained during the wars.

The organization that I co-founded,  Move America Forward, is proud to be working with Fisher House to establish these facilities wherever they are needed.

MAF has been providing over 200 tons of care packages since 2006, but we want to make a lasting legacy with help going directly to our military families, so we are establishing a new partnership that I will tell you more about later.

Meanwhile, the door to the newest Fisher house will be opened in Dover, Maryland and I hope that you will be with all of us in spirit, if not with a donation or two.

God Bless Ken Fisher, and the hundreds of employees and volunteers who make this possible.


Ken Fisher of Fisher House, explains rhat 50 Sanctuaries for families of wounded warriors have now been dedicated across the United States


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Becky Zuegel, whose son Ty was critically burned during an attack in Iraq says she is 'profoundly grateful' that Fisher house made it so much less difficult to be with her son when he needed her the most.


Family room at newly dedicated Bethesda Fisher house ( all artwork specially commissioned to help PTSD patients.)