Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

The excitement of this week’s elections has not died down and, thanks to supporters of Warriors for Congress, a group of veterans is heading to the Hill to do the work of the People.

Warriors for Congress – and America - had a good night and it is all because of your support. Candidates Dr. Joe Heck, Dr. Andy Harris, (ret) Lt. Col. Allen West, and Duncan Hunter Jr. all won their seats in Tuesday’s election. Jesse Kelly, who started of f a long-shot for his Arizona seat, is still in the middle of the decision. Votes are still being counted, but our hopes are high.

“The results show what great Americans can do when we put our minds and our hearts into it,” said WFC Chairman Melanie Morgan. “We worked hard and, because of the help of Warriors’ supporters across America, we succeeded. We can’t thank our donors and supporters enough.”

Warriors for Congress chose an elite group of veterans who had already sworn to uphold our Constitution. They put their lives on the line for America so Warriors was convinced that they would go to Washington and listen to the citizens who put them there.

Some of the races were mighty close, but in true Warriors fashion, our candidates fought with dignity and fairness.

One of the most exciting races was in Florida where the dynamic (ret) Lt. Col Allen West fought an uphill battle until Election Day when he cleaned up. West is already got boots on the ground to serve Americans.

According to a Miami CBS affiliate:

“After a sleepless and exciting night, Allen West is plotting his next move as the new U.S. Congressman of the 22nd district. He said his priorities remain the same as outlined on the campaign trail.

"That's the fiscal security and the physical security of the American people," he said. "So you look at right back here over my shoulder, the Winn-Dixie that has closed down. We've got to get our
small businesses and corporations back open and up."

West, a Republican, unseated two-term Democrat Ron Klein by 9 percentage points. The victory was an upset after a tightly contested down and dirty race.

Dr. Joe Heck won a squeaker and has humbly begun his work on our behalf.

"This is the end of a long journey, but ultimately the truth prevailed. I would like to thank my family for their selfless sacrifice, endless endurance and unending loyalty. I would also like to thank the constituents of Nevada's 3rd Congressional District for their patience during this long and grueling election cycle, and express my humble gratitude for their faith in me and willingness to give us the opportunity to represent the in Congress,” Heck said.


Dr. Andy Harris won a tough race in Maryland.

“As part of that national trend, Maryland's most closely watched House contest saw Republican state Sen. Andy Harris defeat incumbent Democratic Rep. Frank Kratovil in the 1st District,” according to the Baltimore Sun.

“We are proud of all veterans who decided to extend their public service from their days serving in the Armed Forces to the rough world of politics,” Morgan said. “We will always recognize their sacrifices and we are sincerely grateful.”