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...about the incompetent, frighteningly out-of-touch campaign run by GOP political consultant Mike Murphy in California and the MILLIONS of dollars he pocketed from billionaire Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman.

I have not met either Whitman nor Murphy (interesting, since I have been at the forefront of GOP politics in California for almost two decades) so I have no vested interest in praising or damning either except from a purely analytical point of view.

Let's face it: Meg Whitman was a horrible candidate. She was disconnected, aloof, sheltered by her campaign when retail politics would have suited her better. She always used surrogates to speak to people rather than shake a hand. Maybe she is a shy person. That could explain why she preferred to sit in the back of a room texting rather than introducing herself to the Republican Federated Women of Solano County. But her people (and I mean MIKE MURPHY) ran a distant campaign filtered by thousands of advertisements that never told the story of who Meg Whitman is, and why she wanted to be Governor (because she really wanted to be PRESIDENT.)

Mike Murphy coached her with the same lines that he spoon fed Arnold Schwarzenegger when he ran for Governor after the recall of 2004. That side-by-side spot was devastating. I think it killed the Whitman campaign. Willie Brown, former Mayor of San Francisco, contends that Murphy should be sued for malpractice. I second that.

My only hope is that the Republican party of California fires these same old, same old re-treads and gets some fresh new blood in the Golden State.

Until the state of California fronts conservative, articulate and charismatic candiates, we are in big big trouble.

Otherwise, the people of California will be stuck with miserable choices until we pack the U-Haul's and hit the road. Then who will pay for illegal immigrants to go to public universities? Who will foot the bill for billions of unfunded pensions for government workers? Where will the money come from to balance 16 billion in deficit dollars?

 Nancy Pelosi is gone, and the entire country is better for it. Thank you Tea Party members! Let us celebrate the election of Marco Rubio (who may be our next Vice-President or Presidential candidate) and the newly elected Republican Governors and Congress Critters.

I just pray that Her Royal Highness will fade away and we can just forget this whole sad four year national nightmare.

But the same Wily Brown said that San Fran Nan is considering coming back home and running for Mayor. Nancy and the city of stolen ballots will deserve each other!

Meanwhile, America awakened and threw out the bums, repudiated Obama policies, and taking our next step to winning back control of the Senate ..and the Presidency. The Democrats can be proud of defeating Christine O'Donnell, Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina by calling them sluts, whores and bitches. Way to go Dem's! Awesome political strategery.

Did our guys learn their lesson from the Bush years of too much spending and lack of deficit reduction?

 I hope so.

We will find out together.