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Will her Imperial Highness be reduced to Court Jester tomorrow? The Palace intrigue over Queen Nancy Pelosi's future swirls, with the plotting, scheming and back-stabbing generating from her own party (and a dash of help from the GOP.)

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown reported several weeks ago that if she loses her historic gavel and is forced from the Speakership, San Fran Nan is considering a bid to run for Mayor of San Francisco. Very fitting. The lunatic in charge of the aslyum.

More from her formerly swooning subjects at the San Francisco Chronicle:

"..Many analysts believe Pelosi's political career could end Tuesday. Her national popularity is in the basement. She has become a symbol of Democratic excesses, much like Gingrich once was for Republicans, a radioactive "San Francisco liberal" from whom moderate Democrats in marginal districts are fleeing.

"Chances are that she would not stay in the House; she would resign," said James Thurber, director of the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies at American University. A special election would be called in San Francisco, and Democrats would clear the way for a "new generation that's stepping up and has the energy and focus to be in the minority," he said.

That is how Pelosi fought her way into the leadership, becoming minority leader in 2002 and winning the speakership in 2006 after demolishing the GOP majority of 12 years.

Pelosi is sticking by her insistence that Democrats will keep their majority. She has made it clear that she intends to remain speaker. What Pelosi has not said is whether she would run for the leadership in the minority."