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In a poll just released by Public Policy Polling, "37% of voters" say they will vote for Joe Miller for U.S. Senate, and "30% plan to vote for Scott McAdams and another 30% plan to write in Lisa Murkowski."


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Miller, the Republican nominee, said, "The only poll that matters is coming on Tuesday. This current poll reflects what we have been seeing on our own, however. There is tremendous enthusiasm and support wherever we go."


Campaign manager Robert Campbell also noted that "although we did not commission this poll, it comes from one of the more reputable polling companies." Campbell added that "People across the state have reacted favorably to Joe. The townhall meeting in Dillingham, the rally in Anchorage, everything indicates that Joe's message is getting through the noise and resonating with the voters."

Censored! New Ad from Joe Miller for U.S. Senate

Watch Censored!, the new ad from the Miller campaign. Recent events in the Alaska Senate race demonstrate that Lisa Murkowski and her friends in the media have no intention of protecting your first amendment rights.