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Reveille headlines: A significant set of complaints has now been filed in Nevada regarding all the vote fraud. It is astounding what
has been going on ....I have linked RedState's report on this.
Democrats and liberal pollsters are bombarding voters with skewy polls for Brown and Boxer.  The stridency of the pollsters'
comments is highly suspicious but the MSM are going right along with it.  Here are two internal polls showing it's
tied up in the governor's race.  This is war until we get the poll-to-end-all-polls on Tuesday.
Action plan for Meg Whitman and Californians who care....notes to Meg's people of what to do and NOT to do until Tuesday...
Some good ways  for voters to be active between now and Tuesday.
Boxer campaign says they are "sorry" for breaking state law by having teachers recruit students in classes...
yah right...they are only sorry they got caught...
Legalizing marijuana will NOT drive drug cartels from California....this is not like abolishing Prohibition of
alcohol because this is only ONE state....the cartels will still be black marketing to other states...and will
NOT pay taxes to California.  No on Prop 19.
Dallas TV reporter at ATT Park in San Francisco:  OMG: They're smoking weed at the World Series!!! 
San Francisco gets a chance to shine in the worldwide spotlight and.....wiffs it.
Don't forget to check in on the World Series UNCOVERAGE...Beard "fear-age" is underway....
Game 2 was 9-0!!!!
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very aggressively programming onto my stories on politics..I am trying to block them..but they keep
coming back with new no...I do not support Jerry


Jane Jamison