Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Day one of the TPX IV tour was a huge success with rallies in Reno and Elko, Nevada. Palin's message to the attendees in Reno was clearly heard in Las Vegas--see the Las Vegas Sun's morning headline below. A major hit piece on Angle.

Here's what the
Sun has to say about Palin and the TPX, and the Las Vegas Review-Journal is carrying this story as well. "HARRY PELOSI"--thank you Andrew Breitbart--can smell the deisel fumes of the TPX IV's caravan of buses headed their way today. Fear is in the air and they're pulling out all the stops.

TPX IV embed, Andrea Shea King, will be filing reports with me as the day's events unfold. I will be updating here on this post, so check back throughout the day. King has put together a great slide show from yesterday's rally in Reno, and as I reported yesterday, she was able to get a pic with Palin. Check it out at The Radio Patriot.

Today's TPX IV events begin with a Rally in Ely, NV at Noon, and then on to Las Vegas at 6 PM. For future TPX rallies, check the entire tour schedule here. Tell your friends and family, attend if you can. If you can't attend a rally in your town, you can watch it live via's site. I used Liberty's site yesterday to watch the Reno rally and it worked perfectly. No sign up, just click the link.

Greatly assisting in the effort to spread the word is Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at NoisyRoom--lots of posts; Melanie Morgan, and John Ruberry out of Chicago at Marathon Pundit. The crew at TPX can't thank these patriots enough for their time and effort. Old guard media dislike their efforts; we love 'em for it, and with their continued efforts we'll bring this progressive era to a grinding halt--we're all part of the history that's being written today. Know this to be true. And also know that they're running scared, not knowing what to make of you poor, misguided American patriots, bent on taking back America.

The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW will be broadcasting live each night at 9 PM ET from the TPX IV. Don't miss it!