Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror
The entire crew of Tea Party Express IV is enroute to Reno, Nevada, for the kick-off of "Liberty at the Ballot Box" tour. It begins tomorrow in Reno and ends November 1st on the east coast. Headlining tomorrow's rally--former Alaska Gov Sarah Palin. There will be many speakers, some candidates and lots of entertainment. More details will be forthcoming on Monday.

Radio show host, columnist, blogger, future author and TPXIV speaker, Andrea Shea King, just left Orlando International for a connecting flight up north. Then she wings her way to Arizona, finally touching down in Reno later today. How late she'll be arriving is still in question, because her first flight in Orlando was cancelled; then the replacement flight had a bird strike and needed further inspections. Since my phone hasn't been ringing, I'm quite confident she's well on her way to altitude by now.

We're "all in" on this final tour before the mid-term election, and none of the progress--or this tour for that matter--would ever be possible without everyone's support. Now is not the time to let up, either. Please pass my updates on to your friends, family--strangers on the street--encourage them to throw a few sawbucks in the kitty. Taking back America isn't cheap. Thanks, and good luck to us all.