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I know this is a national blog, but for all the folks in the San Francisco Bay Area and California, I wanted to pass along my ballot recommendations (absentee ballots have been out for a week or so).

Actually, my friend Tom Del Beccro, publisher of California Vanguard, has done the heavy lifting and I'm passing on his hard work (Tom is running for California Republican Party Chairman next year.)

Del Beccaro’s Recommendations for the CA Propositions

California has a lucrative business known as Propositions.  It is one of the few growth industries in the State due to the onerous tax, regulation and spending gridlock known as Sacramento.  This year, California voters face 9 statewide propositions.  Here are my recommendations:

Prop 19: VOTE NO

Would legalize pot in California – seek to tax and regulate it.  Beyond the obvious reasons not to encourage drug use, including this gateway drug associated with poor parenting, Prop 19 should be turned down by the voters because it is NOT a way to collect taxes.  Proponents make the argument that Prop 19 will raise tax revenue.  I am simply not interested in figuring out new ways for government to take people’s money.  Sooner or later, we have to realize that government is taking too much already – regardless of the course. VOTE NO.

Prop 20:  VOTE YES

Redistricting for the CA Congressional seats.  This is an unquestionable yes vote.  This is the companion proposition to Prop 11 which will result in a fairer redistricting of the California state legislative seats.  Prop 20 will lead to the same result for the Congressional seats.  Vote Yes.

Prop  21: VOTE NO

Would raise car license taxes.  Are you Taxed Enough Already?  This deceptively written Proposition attempts to raise car tax fees purportedly to fund our park system but any extra tax revenues go into the general fund.  In other words – IT’S A TAX INCREASE PLAIN AND SIMPLE.  Vote No.

Prop 22: VOTE NO

Would restrict state raiding of local budgets.  This is a tough call.  The state must stop raiding the fund it collects which belongs to local municipalities.  Sadly, the manner in which Prop 22 is written hurts smaller municipalities in the process.  I have good conservative friends on both sides of this issue.  That tells me we can do better.  Vote No.

Prop 23:  VOTE YES

Suspends AB32 – our global warming law.  Prop 23 would suspend our global warming law until we bring unemployment down in this state.  AB32 is a pure and simple job killer.  The Governor of Texas believes AB32 is the best thing ever to happen to his state.  AB32 never should have been passed – it is regulation that simply goes too far.  Yes we should care for the environment but not by running business out of our state.  VOTE YES.

Prop 24:  VOTE NO

Raises taxes on CA businesses.  This is a tax increase on California businesses pure and simple.  Thousands of businesses have already left the state because the cost of doing business in this state is too high compared to our neighbors.  Prop 24 raises the costs even higher by eliminating tax breaks -any way you look at, that makes it more costly to do business in this state.  While I prefer a flat tax and reduced loopholes, raising taxes with Prop 24 is definitely not the way to go. VOTE NO.

Prop 25:  VOTE NO.

Would lower the threshold to pass a budget to a simple majority vote.  Prop 25 is a Trojan Horse for higher spending and taxes.  By reducing budget passage to a majority vote, it promotes one-party Democrat rule in this state.  It also may result in majority vote tax increases.  For more read my article:

Vote No on the Trojan Horse – Prop 25


Prop 26:  VOTE YES.

Requires 2/3rds vote to raise “fees”.   In California, we play this game.  Taxes are taxes but fees are not taxes.  Taxes require a 2/3rds vote to increase (unless Prop 25 passes) but fees only take a majority vote.  Fees are a tax on users of a particular state service.  Taxes tend to apply to everyone like an income tax.  Confusing?  Look – at the end of the day its government taking people’s money.  Prop 26 makes it harder for government to do that.  VOTE YES.

Prop 27:  VOTE NO.

Allows State legislators to draw their own districts.  This is a cynical proposition meant to reverse the Prop 11 gain and would go back to the old way of allowing the majority Democrats to decide the legislative districts.  VOTE NO.