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The political chaos for Democrats is just over two weeks away and I can't wait. Newest polling shows that a seat in the San Francisco Bay Area that leaned Democrat is now leaning GOP, thanks to the hard work of the David Harmer campaign.

I recieved an email update late last night.

"...Harmer 48%, McNerney 42%!

That’s according to SurveyUSA, in an exclusive district-wide poll commissioned by CBS Television affiliate KPIX Channel 5 and released just last night. (Survey dates Oct. 8-11; 624 likely or actual voters; margin of error 4%.)

CBS 5’s survey confirms the trend we’ve seen in our own polling: thanks to your generous contributions and very hard work, we’ve moved this district from “Likely Democratic” … to “Leans Democratic” … to “Toss Up” … to a slight Republican lead … and now to a growing Republican lead.

Obviously this is great news. But it’s far too soon to take a victory lap. We still have three brutal weeks ahead. I need your help to sustain our momentum."

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