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N.O.W., in another shocking display of hypocrisy, has come out and an endorsement of Jerry Brown. You read it right. The man or his wife (accounts vary) who called Meg Whitman a "whore" is now being endorsement by the leading feminst organization just days after the slur is uttered.

"... You know, it's fashionable in feminist circles to sit around bemoaning the fact that few young women want to identify themselves as feminists. Wanna know why? This kind of hypocrisy is the reason why. It's OK with NOW, supposedly an organization devoted to the equal and respectful treatment of women for Jerry Brown to call his opponent -- an accomplished woman, and more importantly, any woman -- a "whore.""

Voters are now seeing the real Jerry Brown ...the one who calls his Republican female opponent a "whore. "

Where is NOW?

Where are all the feminists?

Step forward now, please.

Shock audio here.