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Then you'll love this book written by my neighbor Sheldon Siegel. He's a crackjack thriller guy.

I'm not sure, but I think they are making a movie out of the series.


...Mike Daley and Rosie Fernandez return with a compelling new case in Sheldon Siegel's PERFECT ALIBI.


For Mike Daley and Rosie Fernandez--former spouses and current law partners--the stakes have never been higher. In the seventh installment of Sheldon Siegel's best-selling, critically-acclaimed series, the duo learn that their sixteen year-old daughter's boyfriend has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his father, a prominent judge. Bobby Fairchild, however, claims to have found his father's body upon returning home from a date with Grace. The police, who found Bobby at the scene of the crime holding the murder weapon, contend that his parents' acrimonious divorce sent the boy over the edge.


With their daughter as Bobby's only alibi, Mike and Rosie dig deeper and discover that Judge Fairchild's life was filled with secrets. As the evidence against Bobby mounts, they also begin to question Bobby's story and their daughter's credibility. PERFECT ALIBI is Sheldon Siegel's most personal story yet. From the Victorians of Cole Valley and the colorful streets of the Haight to the squalid corners of the Bayview and the teeming sex parlors of the Tenderloin, Mike and Rosie must deal with issues involving parental trust and loyalty as they embark on a desperate search for evidence that will exonerate their client--and their daughter.


"Sheldon Siegel is a practicing attorney and the married father of twin sons. He knows the law and he knows the innerworkings of a family. This knowledge has given him great insight in the writing of Perfect Alibi, which for Siegel fans is his almost perfect book. This is Siegel's most emotional story yet. All of his books challenge the readers' brains, but this story also challenges their hearts. Humanizing the hero is a good move on Siegel's part and in this book he does it through and through." Jackie K. Cooper. Huffington Post.


"I've read all six of what I call the Mike and Rosie books, but this one is the best. . . Perfect Alibi exceeds [Siegel's] high standards for characterization and page-turning prowess, and has more surprises than any half-dozen mysteries you'll read this year. Siegel weaves a family story that reveals more about love and marriage, love and children, and love and justice than you'll find in a whole shelf of mysteries."  Jim Schock.  San Francisco Commuter Times.


"Sheldon Siegel writes smart, well-plotted, winning legal fiction.  His books and characters are brimming with authority, leavened with compassion and humor, and written with great style.  I very much enjoy reading him, and suggest that you will, too."  John Lescroart, New York Times Best Selling Author of Treasure Hunt and A Plague of Secrets.