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It's my birthday today and I had the opportunity to watch CBS's " Face the Nation" with Bob Schieffer as he conducted interviews with two Tea Party candidates - Ken Buck (R) Colorado (for whom I have campaigned) and Marco Rubio (R) in Florida (whom I interviewed last year) as well Sal Russo, the chief strategist for the Tea Party Express who has engineered some stunning upsets all across the country (Russo, myself and Howard Kaloogian co-founded Move America Forward, a non-profit group dedicated to supporting our troops and their mission.)

It was a great gift to watch the show and see Schieffer squirm over the mystery of the Tea Party appeal, and predictions of huge gains in November.

 It wasn't supposed to go this way, he exclaimed! How did it happen? He even asked point blank whether Ken Buck is a (gasp!) extremist?

Schieffer had diffiuclty grasping the idea that this generation of conservative candidates actually might have a chance to beat establishment Republicans,and go on to defeat the Democrats this November.

I smiled as Russo calmly explained that Ronald Reagan was expected to lose in 1980, and instead brought long 12 other conservative Republicans who were elected and provided key votes for his agenda. But Schieffer (and other so-called experts) still doesn't seem to understand what is happening.

Who are the Tea Party people and what do they stand for?

It's really simple, Bob.

Pay attention, please. We are a country that has had enough. We will not ignore our Constitution. We will not turn our backs on our Founding Fathers or our children. We will stop excessive taxes, excessive spending and forced health care.

Neither President Obama nor Harry Reid has the right to step on our rights. And though they might believe they give us commoners our rights and can force to do things that we know is against our best interests, we can stop them.

It's time to put up, or shut up.

That's why I'm joining with the Tea Party at the Mill Valley, California Community Center today from 2 to 5:30 to speak to hundreds, if not thousands of people who are just like me - sick of the leftist regime in this country, and are aso willing to stand up to the Republican party if necessary.

Come out today. Join Ward Connerly, Professor John Yoo from UC Berkeley and the author of the enhanced interrogation techniques policy, and Brian Sussman from KSFO radio. I'll speak around 5:00 this afternoon.

 It's my birthday, and Tea Parties are the perfect way to celebrate.

With five weeks before the Nov. 2 election, organizers said that if the Tea Party wants to be a force in the California vote, its followers must commit to the serious grunt work of campaigning - and pony up some cash. It's no longer about sign-waving.

Two candidates in tight races could get a boost if this happens - Republican U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina and East Bay GOP congressional candidate David Harmer.

"I would like to see Tea Party groups in California get ready to do some get-out-the-vote work, and if they have any money to give, they direct it to the campaigns and candidates in California," said Sally Zelikovsky, an organizer of Conservative GroupaPalooza, the 2 p.m. gathering at the Mill Valley Community Center.

Rallies are important, "but it's time to make the transition to campaign mode," said Brendan Steinhauser, director of campaigns for Freedom Works, the Washington, D.C., organization that has backed much Tea Party activity nationally and plans to spend $13 million on the midterm elections.

Within the next few days, Freedom Works' political action committee plans to endorse Fiorina and send campaign materials advocating her run to its 62,000 California members.

After spending a week organizing recently in California, Steinhauser is urging Northern California Tea Party groups to help Harmer try to unseat Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton, rather than fight long-odds battles against entrenched incumbents such House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco.

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