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Big Hollywood

Hollywood Feminism: Celebrity Nipple Nazis

Dana Commandatore: In case you missed it, August was “National Breastfeeding Month.” I find it incredible that so many celebrity moms banded together to tell women how to raise their babies and no one really took notice.  We should be thankful that celebrities are out there willing to tell us that it is okay to breastfeed.  If [...]

Big Government

The Great Divergence: Private Enterprise and Government Power in the Recession

Robert Higgs: Private saving and investment are the heart and soul of the dynamic market process. Together they provide and allocate the resources used to augment the economy’s productive capacity, generate sustained long-run economic growth, and thereby make possible a rising level of living. Economic crises interrupt this process by discouraging investors and causing them to consume [...]

Big Journalism

MoDo, D’Souza and the Shame of the New York Times

Andrew Klavan: We all know by now how the left reacts to the presence of the truth:  the screaming, the name-calling, the hysterical slander; the way they designate the craziest Koran-burning, abortionist-shooting nutcase they can find to represent the right; the way they demonize commentators like Rush and Coulter and Glenn Beck, without ever engaging with their [...]

Big Peace

Muslim Brotherhood Rallies to Ground Zero Mosque

J. Michael Waller: After initially staying away from the controversy, the Muslim Brotherhood has embraced the cause of the Ground Zero mosque and some of its US-based front groups are now engaged. A summit of Muslim organizations in the US met in New York City on Sunday, September 19, to discuss what sponsors perceive as increased anti-Islamic rhetoric, much [...]

Obama’s Aunt: ‘The System Took Advantage Of Me’