Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror
While Ahmadinejad gets treated like a rockstar by fawning ABC's Amanpour, exclusive report
from that he okayed a deal with Syria on the way to New have Hezbollah
take over Lebanese government.
Here's the latest Senate seat-count from Dell Hill   uffda Rover and Krauthammer
Witch-hunting by dummies.....Bill Maher spent the weekend haunting Christine O'Donnell for Delaware
senator but she didn't bite....and then late Sunday she zinged him back.
No Fun Allowed: Hamas torches a water park in Gaza because men and women were...intermingling
Obamas attend church and other any more of those crackahs, reverend?  oh wait...
Does Jerry Brown have Dain Bramage....the "Brows" have it!! Democratic spinmeisters begin to
worry about all that takes note of Brown's brow-whacking.