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Karl Rove is reminding everybody exactly why the Tea Party movement began in the first place ....because Karl and his former boss threw out fiscal responsibility and then got pissed off when called out by the grassroots.

So if you expect a Rove cheerleader, Melanie Morgan isn't your woman.

"...If Republicans want a cheerleader, Karl Rove isn’t their man. The star political strategist raised eyebrows and some political hackles with his brutal assessment that Republican U.S. Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell in Delaware isn’t electable. After he and other Republicans balked at supporting her, although GOP establishment figures voiced support for the tea party candidate, Rove shot back at critics today, The Hill reports.

Karl Rove, Christine ODonnell, Delaware, Republican, GOP, nuttyRove, formerly President George W. Bush’s key adviser, told Fox News that he’ll evaluate each candidate individually. "My job is not to be a cheerleader for every Republican. It’s to call them as I see them," he bristled.

Among his comments that had riled supporters were his description of O’Donnell’s “checkered background” and his observation that she had said "nutty things." Assessing her election Tuesday night, he had said, “How does she make her living? Why did she mislead voters about her college education? How come it took her nearly two decades to pay her college bills so she could get a degree?

To be sure, he expressed appreciation for the “energy” and enthusiasm” of tea party activists. "Be careful when you call me an establishment Republican, I’m not sure what that is," he said.


How long will it take before Rove backtracks? My guess is when he starts feeling the financial pinch. Just a guess, though. His ego may prevent him from walking back his shocking attack on Christine O'Donnell.

That interview by Sean Hannity is going to hound Rove. Of that ....I am completely secure.

Here's what Andrea Tantaros has to say on the subject:

"...Tuesday night was a terrible evening for political operatives because people voted with their conscience, not along party lines. Elites aren't happy about it, and even the GOP is fuming. Meanwhile, Washington Democrats are trying desperately to paint anti-establishment candidates as a pack of crazies. They're hoping to distract the public from the more pressing issues that have their party's polls in the dumps. Sure, many that comprise this new wave of politics are atypical. They aren't polished. They're not carefully scripted, and they lack TelePrompTers, pedigree and cozy friendships with Karl Rove. Because of it, political consultants and "insiders" ..

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