Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Christine O'Donnell, expected to lose the GOP Senate nomination by the so-called political experts, wins handily in Delaware against establishment Republican Mike Castle.

Tea Party Express laser focused on the race with money and support, helping to propel O'Donnell to victory.

This primary season is shaping up to be a pretty darn exciting one. Amazing, really.

Rock on, Patriots!

Final thought.

Poor Dana Perino and Karl Rove. They looked like they were sucking lemons on TV tonight, trying to explain why conservatives are making a mistake supporting, well, a conservative. In other words, their pal Mike Castle lost and they didn't like it a bit.

Oh well.

Final, final thought.

Congratulations to the Tea Party Express for come from behind victories in Nevada with Sharron Angle, Joe Miller in Alaska, and now Christine O'Donnell.

Sal Russo and Joe Wierzbicki, the Sacramento, Ca. political giants with whom I have worked since 2004 on the Recall of former California Governor Gray Davis and co-founded Move America Forward in support of our troops, are rock solid conservatives now using their formidable skills to boost the enthusiam and support of Tea Party patriots all across the country.

Kudos guys.

I am very proud of you and your team.