Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

If there was ever any question about the REAL CHANGE that is coming, just look at Jesse Kelly, a young Marine who faced a Republican-establishment candidate in Tuesday’s primary and won. 

Our PAC,, wasn’t listening to the establishment. We didn’t care that the money was against Jesse Kelly. “No, we can’t help him. He won’t win.” That’s what we were told by “establishment” folks when we asked them to help Jesse.

We knew better. Jesse Kelly is a Warrior. We looked at him and saw a man who put his life on the line for our Constitution. We saw a Warrior who would take the Hill with our other candidates and help turn this country around. No more open borders. No new taxes.  In fact, push back the taxes. Yes to “we the people.” No to “Pelosi, Reid and Obama.”

“The message is that the voters of southern Arizona want a businessman and a combat veteran to fight for practical conservative solutions,” said Kelly’s campaign manager, Adam Kwasman. “They are rejecting career politicians.”

The message is also that people outside of Arizona believe in men like Jesse Kelly. Our friend, Mark Levin, put his name behind Jesse when the “establishment Republicans” pooh-poohed him. Thousands of Americans across the fruited plains came to and supported Jesse and our other candidates, including Allen West, who also won last night!

Now Jesse will take on a career politician with a load of cash and we need to stand together again. Let’s get a jump on Jesse’s opponent now. Give what you can. If 100 people give $50 or more, that will help us get the message out that we ARE taking American back with men like Jesse Kelly.

Go Here NOW and let’s give Jesse an boost for November’s election.