Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror very sweet this morning. All of Warriors for Congress endorsed candidates win their primary races and the Tea Party candidate in Alaska is winning (although it is still being counted.)


Miller, Joe REP 45909 51.09%
Murkowski, Lisa REP 43949 48.91%

 Update: Factually biased MSM embarrasses itself over Joe Miller/Lisa Murkowski race in Alaska. Read this knife-twisting account of stupidity from The Daily Caller.

Lt. Colonel Allen West knocked his opponents down like bowling balls in Florida, and Jesse Kelly shocked the establishment Republicans by winning his GOP primary in Arizona.

"... In Arizona, Iraq war veteran Jesse Kelly defeated establishment pick and former state Sen. Jonathan Paton in the 8th district Republican primary and moves on to face Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) in the fall. Democrats believe the Kelly victory greatly strengthens Giffords' hand and her campaign went on television today with an ad this morning accusing Kelly of wanting to get rid of Social Security."

The only better outcome would have been if Senator John McCain and his lovely wife Cindy were sent packing back to the Bud brewing factory. Oh well.

Red Tide Is Rising.

...says Mark McKinnon, fomer Ad Guru to George W. Bush.

Though liberals and the media are quick to call the Tea Party over with any loss for their candidates, Sarah Palin’s endorsement record is more wins than losses. Though not all Tea Party candidates made it out of the primaries, the movement has been a force, firing up voters, and forcing most Republicans to lean right to woo their vote.

Conservatives are getting educated and energized. There’s new blood and new life in the GOP. Take a look at Lt. Col (Ret.) Allen West, the new Republican nominee for Florida House District 22 endorsed by Palin. West is a dynamo, a fearsome warrior who quotes classic Greek with a warm, Southern charm. Put this guy on the watch list for future stars of the GOP.

In his acceptance speech Tuesday, West said, “We have crossed the Rubicon,” an allusion to Julius Caesar’s invasion of Ancient Rome.


The prelims are over and legions are now ready to do battle in November.