Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

"...We know that Jodie Evans, Code Pink said to a mother of a son that was killed in Iraq, "Your son deserved to die for being stupid enough to go," and she's headlining a fundraiser for Jerry Brown.  Jodie Evans is a major bundler of campaign donations for Obama.  Now, certainly she's got the right to say that, but is it the right thing to do?  Would Obama support -- I mean he takes money from Jodie Evans at Code Pink.  Would Obama think that it's wise to support Jodie Evans in saying to the parents of fallen heroes in Iraq, "Your kid deserved to die, stupid enough to go to Iraq."  So maybe it's the wording here, and maybe for those of you in the media, maybe for you to better understand how Americans feel, they think building a mosque is essentially having their face rubbed in it.  Our Constitution grants them the right to rub our face in it, but is that something that our government wants to support?  The position here of the anti-mosque people is not unreasonable.  It's, in fact, totally understandable.  But look at how it's being portrayed.  The wife of the imam, what's her name, Daisy Khan, is saying that this reaction, the opposition to the mosque goes beyond Islamophobia. "

Xcellent points, Mr. Limbaugh.