Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Before we get to news, weather and sports from Jane Jamison at, let me say a word or two about "rationalmiddleguy" comments on my website.

Mr. Irrational Lefty Guy has uttered untrue, hurtful and flat out lies about my friend Howard Kaloogian, with whom I co-founded Move America Forward in 2005. He also called him my "partner" which is wildly incorrect.

Howard and I have absolutely no financial connections nor have we ever been involved in anything other than a short stint together at MAF. When he stepped down as Chairman of the non-profit organization to run for Congress in 2006, I assumed the job.

In 2009, I resigned in order to work at the Washington Times and Talk Radio Network's "America's Morning News" so there would be no possibility or perception of conflict of interest.

I have left the web post up for a number of days because I happen to be a huge proponent of Freedom of Speech, an amazing gift given to us by our brilliant forefathers. Now he's had his say, and I have had mine.

His post will go away shortly.


Reveille Morning Headlines: Blago Trial watch resumes, Gen. Petraeus says troops may NOT be withdrawn next summer


Oakland, California: Downtown businesses start their own security service due to police cutbacks.


Obama's death panel doctor is barely two weeks on the job and the rationing has begun...Ovarian cancer drug is being denied to women.


Fannie and Freddie: A bottomless money pit


Tea Party on the Arizona Mexico Border: JD Hayworth and Sheriff Joe Arpaio  (this post has video of Sheriff Joe...he's GREAT!)


American planes arrive to help fight Russian forest fires and what thanks do we get?


Iran Goes Nuclear, Obama Goes on Vacation.  Obama has sold out Israel.


7 Reasons to support Israel: Joyce Kaufman, a radio talk show host in Florida, lays it all out in an empassioned speech. Take notes.


Sen Schumer:  His polls are dropping because of no,....because you are all SOURPUSSES.  This follows Sen. Boxer who says we are all GRUMPY, so that's why she is down 5 points to Carly.


Meg Whitman's Friday 13th: eBay Billionaire writes another check to her own campaign....for $13 million. (Total $104M of her own far)


Be a poll watcher this November.  A quick easy way to help prevent voter fraud. Organize and cover your polls NOW


Oldie but goodie video:  "Respect" by Budweiser Clydesdales...


About that swim thing.....Obama "Gulf" swim was a total photo optic....he actually was swimming in a bay where there was no oil

CNN has cooties....but we knew that.   lol


Michelle Obama: No Dessert Left Behind