Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

:  Nancy Pelosi masterminds the $26 Union bailout to steer funds to dems for November


New Schwarzenegger Movie Angers State Workers


New EPA Cement Regulations May Cost Billions and Jobs--Mark Levin read this story on his show Tuesday and has linked me on his site.

Thank you, Great one!   xoxo

Asst AG Begins the Inquisition in Arizona
Obama DOJ to Sue Sheriff Joe Arpaio/


ICE Immigration investigators have signed a letter condemning the Obama appointee who is going soft on illegals


More Journo List liberal media reporters exposed


California state budget: $91 million short, yet lawmakers spent billions last month


Swine flu epidemic officially over,....Top 5 Ways to Recycle the expired Swine flu vaccines


Update on Greg Gutfeld of Fox News' "Red Eye" has announced he will build a Muslim gay bar

next to the Ground Zero Mosque.  Top 30 possible names for this gay/Islamic outreach

Video of Greg with Glenn Beck