Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

 Well, you might call it that if you enjoy rubbing elbows with other American patriots, listening to good ole’ American music and cheering on our men and women in uniform – all while listening to Sean Hannity emcee a day you’ll never forget at the San Diego Freedom Concert. All Freedom Concerts benefit the children of those brave men and women who've given their lives for our country or who are permanently disabled due to injury in line of dity.

Today Warriors for Congress kicks off our campaign to push our chosen Warriors over the finish line in first position. We have chosen a select handful of veterans who are running for Congress, all of whom you can find at

Your job is to donate $100 or more to the Warriors fund at Warriors Fund and your name will go into a drawing for two tickets to the Aug. 28, 2010. Your name will go on the Honor Roll of Warriors’ supporters and we will draw the lucky winners on Aug. 18, 2010. Each will receive two tickets.

Warriors has a total of four tickets, so we’ll make two drawings.

Here are some of the artists you will hear perform if you draw the winning tickets:


So not only do you have a chance of winning two tickets to Sean Hannity’s Freedom Concert, but you will help in the push to take the Speaker’s gavel away from Nancy Pelosi!


Now that's worth more than 100 bucks, ain't it? Go to and donate $100 bucks or more to take out Nancy AND help these Warriors take the House:

Jesse Kelly, a Marine combat veteran who served in Iraq, is running against a liberal In Arizona’s 8th District. Kelly has a strong plan to stop the illegals from flooding America.


Duncan Hunter Jr. is a former Marine Captain who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He represents the 52nd District of California and stands for strong national security, including protection of America’s borders.


Nick “Gunny Pop” Popaditch is a former Marine combat veteran who served in Desert Storm and Iraq. He was seen around the world as he and his Marines tore down the statue of deposed dictator Saddam Hussein. He is running for the 51st Congressional District against one of the most extreme liberals in the House.

These veterans need your help now to take the House. If they win, we all ALL WIN! – and you may get those two tickets to Freedom!!!! Now is the best chance we have to reverse the reckless course of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi failures.

All of these men and the other Warriors we support are running tough races. We must pitch in now to change course in the United States. Remember the days when we weren't FORCED to buy health care? Remember when you weren't called a racist just because you stood at a rally with an American flag? Those days can return if you donate today and take a chance at winning two tickets to the Freedom Concert.

The winners will head to sunny San Diego and hang out with Sean Hannity, Col. Oliver North, and hundreds of patriots for an unforgettable experience.

Five runners-up will get a signed book authored by Warriors Chairman Melanie Morgan and Executive Director Catherine Moy. The bestselling book, “American Mourning,” is the true story of two families whose sons gave their lives in Iraq

“Folks, this is it. We have to move now and we need you to help our veterans win their races,” Morgan said.

Make sure to click back to Warriors for Congress to check out your name on the Honor roll of donors.


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