Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Get to know this name....Thomas Perez of the DOJ...he is about to start a witch hunt against people in Arizona..charging them with hate crimes over immigration...he want to regulate websites and bloggers ......he is the one who dropped the charges against the New Black Panthers.....this is someone who is an abuser of power.


Let the gay marriages begin: Hang the 7 million California voters who approved Prop 8, liberal Democrats and the Governator who is actually a Democrat want to resume

gay marriages immediately, while the case goes through appeal.


Why the San Francisco case will likely legalize gay marriage ( and more ) nationwide:  Analysis by Jane Jamison  (see if I am right in 2 years.)


Prime Minister Putin policies being blamed in Russia for rampant month long forest fires


BIblical Pakistani floods affect 12 million in the north...unknown damage/deaths in's leadership not responding well to crisis


BP has been paying out claims in 4 states...see county by county where the $$$$ are going.


HP CEO Mark Hurd: Sex, lies and a $50 million parachute


Something for Nothing: Analysis by Chuck DeVore shows states that went for Obama in 2008 have highest deficits


FBI Busts Russian ATM hackers who made $9m "in a few hours"


Another shadowy Al Qaida group appears to have bigger and better weapons and has taken responsibility for bombing the

Japanese tanker last week in the Persian gulf.


How Jerry Brown turned $6 billion state surplus into $1 billion deficit in 8 years.


Red Hot Rasmussens!  Polls show CA governor and Senate races virtually tied


What's "Up" in Milwaukee?  How the little blue pills are screwing taxpayers.